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"At Kai Eatery we care about quality. We look to provide the most delicious food while using fresh ingredients and working with passionate people who love a good feed." 

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Auckland Metro
Top 12 Fried Chicken

We use 100% locally sourced Beauregard kumara from NZ farms, handcrafted and battered in a crispy coating and served with speciality plum powder - a Taiwanese favourite. 

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Just as French wine is different to any other country, tea from Taiwan is remarkably different in the world because of the soil, production technics used and the favourable climate. 


We marinade our chicken for 24 hours before serving. 

Satisfy your cravings with the crispy, juicy and flavoursome fried chicken. Check our reviews below to see what people say!


 Gua Bao is a traditional Taiwanese street food consist of tenderly braised pork belly, pickled greens and grounded roasted peanuts. All combined it is a sweet, salty & fresh flavour. 

Our Chefs


Seriously the kumara fries were the most insanely grand chips I have ever had!!!!! And the XL fried chicken chef's special wow wow wow!! You guys are epic and deserve all your successes!! Just incredible Kai!!!

- David


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