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Privacy Policy


Kai Eatery’s Privacy Policy forms part of the Terms and Conditions and can be found at the bottom of this page or by this link: 

The Website

The Terms and Conditions of this website apply to all users of the Kai Eatery Website. Kai Eatery’s website will include materials displayed on the website for your knowledge, convenience, enjoyment. All content on this website is strictly for personal, individual use. All materials must not be used commercially. If you require any use of our material commercially, please contact Kai Eatery Group Ltd via the contacts page. 

Restrictions of Use

You will not copy, distribute or publish any part of the website other than as may be necessary to use the website for the intended purposes of the website. All materials contained on this web site are the property of Kai Eatery Holdings Ltd and is protected by copyright. Unless prior permitted and approved by Kai Eatery Group Ltd, all materials are for non-commercial use only. Any copied, reproduced, distrusted, stored in the cloud or in a retrieval system, altered, frame, report, transmitted, including texts, images, videos, software, scripts, logos, concepts, sounds, music, trademarks, services and logos in any form by any means in whole or in part, is an infringement of copyright. 

Intellectual Property Rights

This website contains valuable trademarks owned by Kai Eatery Holdings Ltd which is used by Kai Eatery Group Ltd, Kai Eatery Ltd, Franchisees and associated entities throughout the world. The trademarks are protected from reproduction and simulation under national and international laws and are not allowed to be copied, distributed or displayed without the prior written consent of Kai Eatery Group Ltd or Kai Eatery Holdings Ltd. 

Reviews and Comments

Kai Eatery enables customers to post reviews of and comments on this website and our other social media platforms. If you post reviews about our company or any associated franchisees, you grant Kai Eatery and its affiliates a right to use, reproduce, modify, distribute, display and board cast the reviews and comments nationally and international in any media platform.

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