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In the past few years since we have opened our business, we have been very fortunate to have receive recognition from various amazing media outlets, take a look through some of the articles here!


24th Mar 2017


Auckland’s Newest Eatery Is Changing The Fried Chicken Game

Fried chicken fans stop everything you’re doing IMMEDIATELY and get down to Kai Eatery. With its new digs set up in the CBD, just a hop, skip and a jump from Queen Street, there’s no missing out on the flavoursome adventure that is a legendary night market favourite.

By Jaiden Bhaga

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 5.06_edited.jpg

29th Mar 2017


Crispy fried chicken as big as your face— where do we sign up?

...Crunchy salt and pepper coating gives way to tender marinated chicken which is slipped into a custom-made sleeve that you can tear away as you eat.... Meanwhile, you’d be remiss to look further than Kai’s signature kumara fries when it comes to the sides. Battered, fried then covered in special seasoning, they’re a satisfying snack on their own.



April 19 2017

Concrete Playground

Crispy, crunchy, salty, sweet street food— you'd be clucking mad not to.

Their lineup features secret recipe kumara fries, pork belly bao and 'XL Chicken'— juicy marinated chicken encased in a crispy-crunchy salt and pepper coating. It's not as if the menu is out-of-this-world exciting— it's just MIGHTY tasty...

By Izzie Aldridge 


7th July 2020

Heart of the City

Kai Eatery Taiwanese Street Food

Crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside, Kai Eatery is your destination for some fried chicken inspired by the Night Street Markets of Taipei in Taiwan. The food here is a winner every time. Our favourites are the  deluxe fried chicken served with beans, surimi and fish balls, kumara fries with plum powder...

By Heart of the CIty


8th Nov 2020


Bao Down for 9 Of The Best Steamed Buns In Auckland

Baos, or also known as gua bao (刈包) in Chinese, are fluffy pillows of happiness filled with crispy golden pork belly with just the right mix of grazed honey and savory soy. Although originally a much-loved street food in Fujian and Taiwan, you’ll be pleased to hear that Auckland dishes them out in bulk too...

By Urban List Writers

IMG_0428 copy (1).jpg

23rd August 2018

Metro Mag

12 Places to find great fried chicken in Auckland

This chicken is the business. Firstly, it’s huge. One serve could probably feed two people. A single breast is flattened to roughly the size of a human head then marinated for up to 24 hours... Then, it’s dredged in a wet batter, then a dry one – a mix of tapioca flour, wheat flour, salt, pepper and secrets.

By Kate Richards

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