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Our Story

From humble night market beginnings, Kai Eatery was born as a result of a homesick tummy! We have one simple dream; good food and good times. 


Kai Eatery started as a small stall in 2016, my wife and I both missed strolling the night markets in Taiwan and the wonderful flavours we would find. Night markets make us reminisce about our childhoods, and we wanted to bring that joy and nostalgia to New Zealand. Today we stand four stores strong throughout Auckland! 


Taiwanese street food is our speciality. We aren’t just your regular fried chicken, we are - 100% chicken breast, 14 secret ingredients, 24-hour marinade kind of fried chicken. Generously coated on the outside, beautifully marinated on the inside and fried to perfection each time;  we make XL fried chicken that you cannot get anywhere else in New Zealand. We put a lot of love and a family tree’s worth of tips into making our mouthwatering, Fragrant and flavoursome food. 


Locally sourced, fresh and nutritious ingredients allow us to bring you a huge range of Tawinese-style food from crispy kumara fries, bao buns and bubble tea! 


We strongly believe great food brings people together. We want to be a place where joy and laughter is shared between family and friends. Visit a Kai Eatery store near you today and share in the magic of Taiwan street food right here in Aotearoa!

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