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Allen’s journey started when he and his wife visited Taiwan and enjoyed the mouth-watering street food at local night markets. Since then Allen, wanted to share his experience with the people of New Zealand and began the fried chicken Auckland CBD Kai chicken eatery food stall.

Founded in 2016, Kai Eatery became famous for its signature Crispy Kumara Fries. XL Fried Chicken served with a Taiwanese twist and grew into the franchise with an eatery in Auckland CBD Container Store, near the H&M and Ferry building, located in the Commercial Ball food court on the second level, where you’ll find the Kai Eatery fun places to eat near me with a downtown car park available.

Kai Eatery’s mission is to serve its customers the most delicious and flavoursome Taiwanese street food at an affordable price.

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Opening Hours: 

Monday to Sunday 

11:30 am to 8:00 pm 


We marinate our chicken for 24 hours to ensure it's both juicy and flavoursome. We then cover our fried chicken in a special batter and cook it until it becomes crispy and delicious. You can also try our popular succulent, sweet, salty Gua Bao stuffed with tender braised pork belly, ground-roasted peanuts, and pickled greens. 


Whether you have a ravenous family, a student or a city worker, or are you simply looking for local restaurants? We welcome you to sit down at our Kai Eatery outdoor five-customer seating and enjoy our scrumptious and filling Taiwanese street food-styled meals. We accept many payment options: Eftpos, Visa, MasterCard, webchat, and Alipay.



Come to our Kai Eatery, designed for pick up and eat or quick bites for Albany office workers and university students.

Make a reservation, or simply contact us at 

09 930 0675 or to cater for your event and experience our world-class service and great-tasting street food near me.

Alternatively, you can order our delicious Taiwanese street food delivered to you online. We also offer catering services for social functions. Searching for Taiwanese bubble milk tea near me? Sample our specialty tea from Taiwan, which has a remarkably unique taste!

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